Sanity, not Vanity.
Phokus delivers best-in-class data centralisation and measurement tools to solve real-world problems.
What Phokus Does
Phokus was born from combining our unique understanding of pain points senior sports’ executives face, with the advanced technology solutions and capabilities within global financial services. As a result, our products are helping to change the playing field, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions in data centralisation and valuation measurement that solve real-world problems.
What Phokus Doesn’t Do
Phokus doesn’t take your data for external analysis or create complex methodologies you won’t understand. Phokus doesn’t charge you unnecessarily for expensive consultants, logo counting or fancy office buildings. Phokus also doesn’t claim to think we know your pain points - our team have lived and breathed the same frustrations faced by so many in sports with the current market solutions.