Reporting Speed:
Keep up with opportunity
Life is rarely kind enough to give us the full picture at the right time. Everyone can point to that time they would have done things differently, if only they had known then what they know now.
But in business, things can be different. You can get the right information before you act and make properly informed strategic decisions.
Sometimes, what you know is only as important as when you know it. And when you can bring the flow of information under your control, it makes no sense to do things any other way.
What good is a report halfway through a season, when earlier data about client prospects or fan behaviour could have revived flagging sales? What use is that decisive piece of audience research that arrives when the partner to whom it mattered most has already passed on a deal?
There is another option. Not only does Phokus offer a comprehensive record of your company’s most important customer and fan data, but it gets it to you as soon as you need it. Our platform provides immediate reporting across social, news and broadcast channels, giving you up-to-date metrics and actionable insights.
Armed with that knowledge, you have more of what it takes to retain clients who want evidence of a return on their investment. You can maximise asset values by showing growth that might otherwise have taken another quarter to present itself. And in an environment where change is happening faster and faster, you can calibrate propositions that truly meet the moment.
This is data that can make the difference, delivered in real time with no regrets.