Centralised Sales Process:
Manage your full sales cycle efficiently
Or to put it another way, do you know how well your sales are going right now? And how do you know?
If you had to take a bet in answering any of those questions, it may be because there are fractures in your sales cycles and reporting. Even the healthiest, most effective companies can struggle to stay on top of inefficient processes.
Of course, for all the discipline and knowledge and expertise built up in any organisation, every sale is different. But that does not mean every process has to start from scratch, with scattered data and improvised record-keeping.
With Phokus, you can finally get rid of your dislocated Excel spreadsheets, close those dozens of tabs on your desktop and stop trying to explain your colour-coding system to the team. Instead, you can depend on a powerful, centralised platform that will manage your entire sales cycle.
Our solutions allow you to create a unified process for outreach, negotiation, contract and servicing, while keeping an eye on inventory, activity, interactions and reporting. This way, you can have a single comprehensive sales overview that provides an instant insight into your company’s real-time performance.
You can learn where your sales are slowing down, and identify fixes that get things moving again. You can see where deals are falling down, and address or eliminate those practices that create too much friction for clients. You can understand the triggers that are most likely to get sales over the line, and double down on the service offerings that make them happiest to sign with you again.
More than anything, Phokus can let your sales team get on with what they do best: selling. The time they get back from working collectively with more intuitive tools can go into the real point of the exercise and unlock new value for your business.